"learn from a real woman" - female teacher tells student, as she sleeps with him

"learn from a real woman" - female teacher tells student, as she sleeps with him

Fiona Carrier, a former piano teacher who is accused of having sexual contact with a teenage student in the 1990s. The student, who was in his early teens at the time, alleges that Carrier engaged in sexual acts with him on multiple occasions at her home after giving him alcohol and food. Carrier denies multiple counts of indecent assault.

During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence that Carrier had spoken about sexual matters with the student during their piano lessons at school and had become physically closer to him. The lessons eventually moved to Carrier's home, where the alleged sexual contact took place. The prosecution alleged that Carrier had initiated the sexual contact and had encouraged the student to touch her, telling him that he was learning from a "real woman." The student, who claims to have been an unwilling participant, eventually went to the police and reported the alleged abuse.

Carrier's defense included an interview with detectives in which she claimed that the student had kissed her first, and she had returned the kiss. She also admitted to another occasion of sexual contact with the student. However, the prosecution argued that Carrier had only confessed to some wrongdoing and had not admitted to all of the allegations against her.

The trial continues, and Carrier maintains her innocence. The prosecution alleges that Carrier abused her position of authority and trust as a teacher, and the case highlights the importance of protecting vulnerable students from abuse and exploitation.

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