Comedian Akpororo's Bold Predictions on Nigerian Politics: Tinubu's Win and Obi's Legal Woes


Image of Akpororo and Peter obi

Nigerian comedian Akpororo has made waves with his recent predictions about the country's political future. During an interactive session with fans in Abuja, Akpororo boldly predicted that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a former Lagos State Governor, will win the 2023 presidential elections. He also predicted that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, will spend the next eight years seeking justice in court.

Akpororo's prediction about Tinubu's win is not the first time he has made such bold claims. In February 2021, the comedian also predicted that Tinubu would win the 2023 elections, a prediction that many initially dismissed as unlikely. However, with the election still some way off, it remains to be seen whether Akpororo's prediction will come true.

In his recent interactive session, Akpororo also commented on the intelligence of Tinubu, stating that "People mocked him on social media for his grammar but since he became the president, that man reads without looking at books. He is very intelligent."

Regarding Peter Obi, Akpororo predicted that the politician will spend the next eight years seeking justice in court. While it remains to be seen what the future holds for Obi and his political aspirations, the prediction highlights the ongoing legal battles that have plagued Nigerian politics in recent years.

Akpororo's predictions may be seen as controversial, but they demonstrate the importance of free speech and expression in a democratic society. As Nigerians prepare for the upcoming 2023 elections, it is crucial that citizens stay informed and engaged in the democratic process. The future of Nigerian politics is uncertain, but it is up to the people to shape it through informed decision-making and active participation in the democratic process.

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