"Yul and May are legally married, Judy is just a side chic" - Rita Edochie

"Yul and May are legally married Judy is just a side chic"  -  Rita Edochie

Another marital drama involving Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and his wives, May and Judy Austin. 

Veteran actress Rita Edochie, who is the wife of legendary actor Pete Edochie's younger brother, Tony Edochie, has recently taken to social media to express her support for May and her stance on the matter. 

In an Instagram post on May 28th, Rita called Judy a "side chic" and declared that the entire Edochie family was behind May.

 She also stated that May was the only recognized and legitimate wife of Yul, having been married to him legally, traditionally, and in a church ceremony. 

Rita expressed optimism that May would have the last laugh in the situation, implying that there is some sort of conflict or disagreement between Yul and Judy. 

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