"Please forgive my childish mistakes" Juliana Olayode begs Funke Akindele

"Please forgive my childish mistakes"  Juliana Olayode begs Funke Akindele

Juliana Olayode, a Nollywood actress who shot to fame for her portrayal of Toyosi in Funke Akindele's "Jenifa Diary," has apologized to her former boss and senior colleague for her past mistakes. In a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday, Olayode expressed her gratitude to Akindele for giving her an opportunity to break into the mainstream entertainment industry at a young age. She acknowledged that her success was a result of Akindele's unmerited favor and dedication to her craft.

However, Olayode admitted that she lacked the necessary knowledge and experience of the industry, which led to some mistakes on her part. She also revealed that her manager, who was supposed to guide her, did not understand how the entertainment industry worked, and she believed everything he said.

Olayode went on to explain that her manager sent an email to Scene One TV, the producers of "Jenifa Diary," without her knowledge, and that caused some problems between her and Akindele. She recognized that her mistakes were childish and hurtful, and she apologized for her actions.

In her apology, Olayode humbly asked for Akindele's forgiveness, expressing regret for everything that transpired and the hurt it caused. She also acknowledged that she loved Akindele eternally and hoped that her apology would lead to reconciliation between them.

Overall, Olayode's apology demonstrated a mature and responsible attitude towards her pastactions. She took ownership of her mistakes, showed gratitude for Akindele's role in her success, and expressed remorse for any harm caused. Her apology serves as an example of how one can learn from past mistakes and make amends for them. It is hoped that this public gesture of contrition will foster healing and reconciliation between the two actresses.

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