I made the biggest Amapiano song – Lojay boasts

I made the biggest Amapiano song – Lojay boasts

Lojay's claim that his hit single 'Monalisa' is the "biggest Amapiano song" ever created is a subjective statement and open to interpretation. 

Amapiano is a popular genre of music that originated in South Africa and has been gaining popularity in Nigeria and other African countries. 

While 'Monalisa' has been well-received and has garnered significant airplay, it is not possible to definitively declare it the biggest Amapiano song ever created. 

Regarding Lojay's collaboration with Chris Brown, it is good to hear that they were able to establish a relationship and potentially work together in the future. 

Collaborations between Nigerian artists and international acts are becoming increasingly common and provide a platform for Nigerian music to reach a wider audience.

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